Writing Rituals

I was reading my writing inspiration book earlier about the importance of establishing rituals or things you only do when you write. There was a quote by author Jack Kerouac that I thought was pretty cool.

“I had a ritual once of lighting a candle and writing by its light and blowing it out when I was done for the night….Also kneeling and praying before starting (I got that from a French movie about George Frederick Handel).”

After reading that quote, I was intrigued enough to look up more writing rituals on the Internet. Ernest Hemingway wrote standing up while Truman Capote wrote lying down. C.S. Lewis planned every moment of his day to maximize productivity. Ray Bradbury wrote anywhere he could find a typewriter. There were many more writers who listened to music, exercised, and did other things to facilitate their writing productivity.

That got me to thinking. What do I do to facilitate my writing productivity? I turn the computer on, sit down, and start typing. But, are there other things that I need to do to be more productive? My book compared writing rituals to habits which I had discovered were important to get me in a writing frame of mind. I have also read that it takes three weeks to establish a habit. Over this past year, I have established two main habits–walking a mile every day except in bad weather and taking time to write every day. I guess I need to remember that whatever works for someone else might not necessarily work for me.

Is there any kind of ritual that’s important to you as a writer? Feel free to share in the comments.


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