Writing Prompt Monday

Thought I’d go a little bit different for a Monday. Here’s the prompt.

Write about your name–where you got it, how you feel about it. 

I’m not sure where my name came from, but I have plenty to tell you about how I feel about it.  As you can see in the about section of this blog, my first name is Alisa. This name has a variety of spellings and a variety of pronunciations. It used to drive me crazy as a child and especially as a teenager when I would have to spell my name every single time for a teacher to write in her roll book. And more often than not, I would have the same teacher calling out Alyssa or Alisha or even Allison the next day from what they had written down. I didn’t understand how they weren’t able to pronounce it. And as a teenager, having that quandry didn’t do an awful lot for my self-confidence. I think that was one of the reasons I chose traditional names with traditional spellings for both of my own children. 

My feelings about my name continued into adulthood. I sometimes turned it into a game, trying to guess which people would not be able to figure out how to pronounce my name or who would misspell it when they were sending me a letter. I found that people who actually wanted to take the time to get to know me would have the highest percentage of spelling and pronouncing my name correctly. That was pretty cool. There were some people though that just didn’t get it. 

As the years passed, I began to appreciate the uniqueness of my name and found ways to help people learn how to spell  and even pronounce it correctly. My most recent innovation is to tell people–“Think about it this way. My name is like Lisa with an A in front it, and that is how you spell it.” Most of them have been able to figure it out, and my mental poll still works. If a person is really interested in getting to know me, they have a higher percentage of both spelling and saying my name the right way.

Hope everyone has a great day! 

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