Writers are Normal People

Before I went to my first science fiction/fantasy festival last year, I had never met a published author in person. I had this vision of what authors do all day which turned out to be nothing close to accurate. 🙂  They’re normal people just like the rest of us who do normal things although some of what they do as authors could be considered odd. Here is a quote by Mark Salzman as an example.

“Writing is an ideal occupation if you’re a rabbit. It gives you an excuse to stay in your burrow all day, and it allows you to explore problems like anguish and insecurity without having to solve them. You don’t need to have peace of mind to be a writer; in fact, the more troubled you feel, the more you have to write about.”

So, all the things that could be considered normal are all things that a writer could put his stamp on and make it interesting for other people to read. I hope in some small way that I’ve been able to do that with these blog posts.

Until next time, be real!

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