Write What You Read

As you all know, the title of this blog is Write What You Know. When I first named it, I was perusing writing advice, and it made sense to me at the time. I’ve since found that there are many instances where writers write what they don’t know. This also makes sense to me because there are so many ways now to do research and get the information you need to write about the things you don’t know. I’ve thought about changing the title of the blog, but I haven’t yet for one reason in particular. I’ve found that when I do write about what I know, about my passions, I write more words. The words come flying out of me, and it’s pretty amazing. I’ll finish writing about any particular topic, and when I go check the word count, it’s higher than usual. So, right now, the title is going to stay the same.

Now, on to today’s topic–write what you read. I think, for me, these two things are inextricably entwined. When I think of stories I want to write, I gravitate towards the genres I’m already familiar with–like science fiction or fantasy or romance.  I’m more familiar with the structures of these genres, and the words flow faster than let’s say, something like a technical manual. Now, that doesn’t mean the editing portion still isn’t challenging. It is. I’m in the middle of editing my first novel now, and since I haven’t ever gone through the process, it has been a challenge. But, it is a challenge I’m more than willing to meet. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful day! 

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