All of us can choose the words we use. We can choose to use words of kindness, words of affirmation, or we can choose to use words that harm, words that hurt. If you look at the two parts of that statement, you would think it would be obvious which ones we would use. But, in our society, things are usually not that obvious. So, back to the question, why would people choose to use words that harm or words that hurt. I think it comes down to three reasons.

The first would be that words that harm or hurt have been used by others towards the person that uses them, and the person uses those words to retaliate. It’s hard to “turn the other cheek” as the Bible says and use words of kindness instead of words that harm. Human beings have a natural tendency to protect themselves, and I think lashing out when people are cruel with their words is a part of that.

Another reason would be that people just don’t care. They are focused on themselves and whatever is right for themselves and other people are just an obstacle to that self-focus. There’s no reason to be kind to other people when that person is only seen as a stepping stone.

Finally, and this would relate back to the second reason, people have not been taught how to use kind words. When a person comes from a background where their parents are self-focused, it’s not hard to figure out they would not be taught to use kind or affirming words.

So, with all that, would there ever be a chance that people could be kinder to one another? I believe so. As I’ve shared in previous posts, my Christian faith is helpful to me in that regard. I believe other faiths have a tenet of treating people kindly as well. But, most of all, I’m not willing to write off the human race. I do believe we have the capability of using words of kindness and affirmation. We just need to be willing to do so.

Until next time, be real!

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