The Frustration Jar

A bonus post this weekend because I felt…compelled.

Over the past six months, it has become apparent to me that we, as a people, and especially as Christians, are not interested in hearing about other people’s frustrations. People make statements that imply dealing with this pandemic should be easy when it is anything but, and if it’s not easy, the implication is you’re not a good enough Christian.

I believe this is why we’ve started to boil over as a nation. Don’t believe me? I’ll share a few of those statements with you. “Money doesn’t matter.” It sure does when you’re about to be homeless, or you’re hungry. “You need to social distance.” I’m lonely, and I really need human contact so I won’t commit suicide. (By the way, September is Suicide Prevention Month.) “Why aren’t you wearing a mask?” I experience PTSD from having my face covered.

Here’s some more. “You need to stay home, or you’ll spread Covid.” (said by someone who can work from home) I can’t stay at home. I’m an essential worker, and I need to work. “Your business shouldn’t be open. The government says so.” If I don’t work, I won’t eat. Business owners don’t get unemployment. “You didn’t save enough money.” Did anyone expect this pandemic to last for six months and probably a lot longer? I’m not even including the fear, the racial tensions, or other illnesses in my statements though we all know they’re there.

When we don’t share our frustrations, they get put into our frustration jars. They fill them over and over until there’s no room for any more. Then, they burst either noisily or quietly. (Please understand. I don’t advocate bad behavior) But, all these frustrations need a place to go.

What are the solutions? I believe every time we listen without judging it loosens the load. I think every time we can solve a problem the level goes down, and the jar stays whole. When we show courage, we give another person courage. When we show love, people see Jesus.

Please, can we do this? Can we have the human contact necessary to survive as a species? Can we keep our jars whole so we don’t have to experience the alternative?

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