Reflections on The Beginning of Fall

Yes, I know fall began a few weeks ago, and I know the school year began a few weeks before that, but bear with me. I’ve not done the best job of keeping up with this blog because of the beginning of the school year. It always seems to take a couple of weeks for everyone to get adjusted to the new schedule. Also found some things to add to the schedule since last writing in this blog. Both boys are now participating in a homeschool bowling league and are having a blast. John is also playing fall baseball, and that’s been a positive experience too. I’m certainly learning my way around Birmingham which will be helpful once both boys are playing baseball next spring.

Now, on to the reflecting part. Today is a painful day for me. One year ago I had a miscarriage. It’s hard not to think of how different things would have been if I had carried my baby to term. I would have been an older mother, a wiser mother, a different person than I was when my last child was born thirteen years ago. But it wasn’t to be, and I’m okay with that now. So much good has happened. Steve has been with his job for a year. The boys are happy and healthy and have made friends. And I know everything that I have been through will make me a better writer. I leave you with this poem.

Just think of me, and I’ll be there, 
I’m always around, I’m everywhere, 
I’m in your dreams when you sleep, 
I hear your cries when you weep, 
Don’t be sad, wear a smile on your face, 
all my sufferings in a better place, 
I’ve left this world, my bodies gone, 
but in your hearts my soul lives on, 
I know you’ll grieve and suffer pain 
but one day soon we’ll be together again 

Author Unknown


Until next time, be real!!!!! 


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  1. I didn’t realize that you and Steve experienced a miscarriage this past year. Carol and I also lost a baby our youngest son and youngest daughter. I do pray that God will continue to turn this mourning into dancing and that your writings will be more poignant because of the experience. Thanks for sharing the link to your blog with me.


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