Reading through the Bible

In September of 2015, I made a decision to start something I had not done in a long time. I started reading through the Bible. I printed off a schedule sheet which scheduled Old Testament. New Testament, and Psalms/Proverbs readings and got started. The first few weeks went well. I read every day, reading through parts of the Bible I was already familiar with, and God spoke to me as I read. I had the feeling this was going to be a time of real growth in my faith, and I was looking forward to what God was going to show me.

Then I missed a couple of days, and I wondered if I had the stamina and the commitment to ‘catch up’ with my readings so I would be done in a year. If any of you have followed a schedule with this, you know that most of them are written with the goal of being done in a year. Anyway, I became discouraged and asked myself if I had the commitment to my faith I thought I had. God spoke to me in that moment. He said, “Just start wherever you left off. It doesn’t matter if you finish in a year or not. What matters is that you finish reading my Word.”

Those words made sense to me, and that’s what I did. I was fairly consistent about completing my readings during the week and missed some of them during the weekends because I was doing things with my family. As I progressed further, I noticed I was pulling out my Bible at times I didn’t expect because I wanted to get further into God’s story. I was growing and learning, and things that my pastor and the teachers at my church said started to make better sense to me because I was studying the Bible in a way I hadn’t done in a long time. It was a neat feeling!

The one-year anniversary of starting this journey passed in September, and it didn’t bother me because I was committed to finishing. God was showing me things and helping me to grow in my faith. I’ve grown despite the times I’ve spent in the pit this year and despite all the questions I’ve asked. I understand Scripture and my faith in a way I didn’t when I started.

Today, I am thirty-three readings away from being finished. This might not be a big deal to some of you if you have made a point of reading through the Bible every year. It is a big deal to me though because it represents a renewed commitment to God and to my Christian faith.

So thankful that God is with me through the pain, through the questions, and through the joy!

God’s blessings on all of you today!

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