I started something this morning, and as I usually do, I thought of how it related to writing. As my About Me says, I am also a homeschooling mother of two. They are boys who are 15 and almost 13 and are entering the 10th and 7th grades. This will be our seventh year of homeschooling, and I have embarked on the planning phase of our studies. That involves getting all the books out that I have bought for them and planning how many lessons we are going to do each week and planning out what our schedule for the new school year will be. It is so nice to feel more settled this year as we had just moved to Birmingham at the beginning of last year. Anyway, not only do I plan out what the school schedule is going to be for each of them; I plan out what my schedule for the year will be. This schedule usually includes: what times I will be working with or teaching each child, household matters such as cooking, cleaning, paying bills, and whatnot, exercise,  and for the first time this year, I will place a specific time for writing in my schedule.

Now, I will tell you how writing relates to planning. There are some who say they are going to write, but never get around to it because there are always so many things that can get in the way. But if you have a specific time set aside to write, there is not a whole lot that can get in the way of that because it’s on the schedule. I know some of us who write don’t like to get caught up in planning because they are waiting to be inspired, so to speak. 🙂  For me at least though, I find I get my best writing done when I am actually in a writing time.

Until next time, be real!!!!!!!!!



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