My Own Personal Story

I know it is said all of us who are writers have a story to share, and that is why we write. I have also read that many authors use characters and situations that are similar to real life in their fiction stories. But, I have often wondered how many fiction writers actually share their own personal stories.  I hadn’t thought of my own story as being particularly interesting to share because, let’s face it, my life is boring. 🙂  In recent weeks though, I have been told, by someone I respect, that everyone has an interesting story and should share it in some form or fashion. He told me I should journal some things I was going through and see if it would help with the situation and help me know what he was talking about. I’ve been doing what he suggested, and low and behold, writing my way through the situation has helped tremendously. Still don’t know if I would ever write a memoir and try for publication, but I have figured out writing my own story can help me in ways I never imagined.

Until next time, be real!

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