Independence Day

Today is Independence Day in the United States–the day that this country declared independence from England two hundred and thirty-eight years ago. Many people will spend today going to barbecues, watching fireworks displays, or spending time with family and friends. All of these are good activities, and I hope everyone has an opportunity to relax at some point during this national holiday.

I had some thoughts though about how a person of faith might relate to this holiday. Is a Christian truly independent and only relying on himself? If you think about it in this fashion, the answer should really be no.  Spending time on my knees every day in prayer and relying on God for His counsel on how to live my life is paramount in directing my days as a woman of faith. Is this something I am perfect at? No, not a chance. I fail at some point every single day and have to ask God for His forgiveness. Isn’t that the point of grace though? To be able to ask for forgiveness and know that God is right there waiting for His children to come home. The verses at the top of this page certainly illustrate that, and there are many more where those came from in the Bible.

So, on this day, on Independence Day, I will be spending time on my knees praying to God to direct my life and praying for my nation,  for those who are people of faith and for those who are not.

God’s blessings to you today!

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