Everything We Have is God’s

It’s the beginning of June, and after I write this post, I only have twenty more posts to write for this series on the devotional 100 Days to Brave. God has brought me to the bare bones as I’ve written these posts. I’ve had to ask questions. What matters the most to me? Who matters the most to me? All of it pointing to the One I follow. The topic of today’s devotion and my post continues the trend. Everything I have is God’s.

It even says so in Scripture. From Psalm 24:1-2, “The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world and all who live in it; for he founded it on the seas and established it on the waters.” We recoil against that though. We want all of our stuff to be ours, and we want to make the decisions on how we use it for ourselves and maybe, how we use it for God. “Mine, mine, mine!”, is what the author says, and I know she’s right. It’s what I say too.

Sometimes, I think it’s easier not to have a lot of stuff and know that I can’t have everything I want. I watch people go on trips, both foreign and domestic, and on cruises and know that having those things are outside of the realm of possibilities. But, then, I get envious that giving to God seems to be so effortless for these people, and they get to go on the trips too. It’s not pleasant to have the messages in your head on an endless loop.

God wants me to take it further though. It’s not just the things we want. It’s the things we need too. All of our resources are God’s including our stories. And that is what is hard for me to share out loud. Knowing that we live in a wealthy area and knowing that we can’t match up with what everyone else has is hard. We made different choices twelve years ago when we decided to homeschool, and I don’t regret those choices. I’m just not sure that my five dollars is as good as someone else’s one hundred dollars, or that my story is as good as someone else’s story.

This is where bravery comes in. My money and my story are just as valuable to God as someone else’s–even if someone in the church says they’re not. We are all equal in God’s eyes no matter what we have, and I think that is something we need to remember, me especially. These words from the author are quite good so I want to directly quote them as they have a question at the end I think we all need to consider. “Everything you have is God’s. God has been generous to you. Even if you are unsatisfied or hurt or living through a season of struggle, are you brave enough to believe that God has been generous to you even if you don’t have everything you want?” (or need) (100 Days to Brave, Annie F. Downs)

I added in the “or need” part. I thought it was relevant. Needing something can be subjective. God can also be waiting for just the right time to supply your need. But, the point is that He has been generous with us. We have more with Him than we could ever have without Him. We need to loosen the locks of the comparison trap and step out into freedom. We also need to remember we are all equal in God’s eyes no matter what resources He has given us. May we all remember it’s all His anyway as we head into the weekend!

Praying God’s blessings on you all today!

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