Doing it Yourself

For those of you who live in the United States and keep up with the news, there has been a lot of publicity over something the current president said about business owners—essentially that they didn’t build their businesses themselves, that they didn’t put in the effort themselves. It was only because of the government that their business was successful. This is a paraphrase, but is essentially the general idea.

Now, leaving the political discussion behind for a moment, I thought of how that could affect those of us who write. What if people who write didn’t put in the effort to write? How much would our society lose if that happened? I believe that can already been seen in the general writing skills of the population–poor grammar, poor organization of thoughts, and the abbreviated way we express ourselves on the Internet. Is that the fault of the educational system not putting the time in to teach proper English skills? Is that the fault of the home with two parents working and not requiring more effort out of their children? As a parent of two children, I always try and be cognizant of the things I can do better, and this would be one of them, that doing it yourself, mastering a skill yourself is always more satisfying than letting someone do it for you.

What do you think?

Until next time, be real!!!!!!

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