Days 12 and 13 – Provocation and Publshing

I’m doing these two days together because, well, I couldn’t figure out anything to say about provocation yesterday. But, I was contacted by a writer from Jeff Goins’ blog because I had offered to proofread something for her. (Hi Tracy!) Once I had done so, I sent her back a response detailing my thoughts and stating some of my own thoughts about some things going on in my personal life. She sent me back a response this morning with the perfect quote about how she sees provocation, and I realized it dovetailed with my feelings. “I am bascially a big coward when it comes to causing confrontation or conflict. I am more of a “why can’t we all get along” type, and I lose sleep over the idea of people getting upset with me.” Why, why am I like that?? I don’t want to be, and I can’t be anymore. The person that I want to be can’t be that way anymore. So, today, I commit to sharing my blog link with those who might not like what I have to say, to having the conversations that people might not like, and to becoming the person and writer that I am meant to be. Here’s to courage that I didn’t know I had.

Publishing–wow, Jeff, you just keep heaping on the challenges. Funny how my thoughts had been leaning in that direction. I don’t have any pieces that are ready to send off today. However, I am working on a short story for my next writing course assignment. When I was planning it out a few days ago, I received an email about a short story writing contest from Writer’s Digest. I planned out the theme of my story to match the requirements of the contest. And I am going to submit it when I’m finished. July 15 is the deadline. I challenge all of you who are reading this blog to keep me on my toes and celebrate with me when I cross the finish line.

Until next time, be real!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Oh my, Lisa. I am on your planet. It just does not make sense to me why we can not all get along. Sheesh. How hard can that be? On the other side of the fence is the depth of disagreement. If others disagree with us, it’s not always conflict, but an opportunity for a shift in our understandings. I have had that happen in more occasions than I care to admit. . . thinking I was right.

    I seek out opposing views, in hopes of merging with new learning.

    So, bring it on. The nudge of pushing our boundaries brings us to new heights.


    1. Shari, that’s what I am trying to do right now. In fact, I have subscribed to the FB feed of an editorial director of a publishing company who lives here in town. I have made it a.point to get books and movies that he recommends that I would never have thought to do before. It’s opening up my horizons and improving my writing.

  2. What a perfect step to take. You’ve read my take on the subjective-ness of art. So no matter what fruits your labors produce they can’t go anywhere until you take the chance to lay it all on the line. That is the true mark of an artist. You say, here it is. I’ve done my best, I hope you like it. The next step is not to stop there. Keep working, keep perfecting. Don’t get me wrong…I would love nothing better than to be successful enough to quit my day job to be a full time writer but I know what the chances are for that. Doesn’t mean I believe there isn’t a chance in hell for it to happen, BUT…and here is where I am convinced all artists are a bit masochistic….No matter how the chances are stacked against me, I will keep trying. or And who knows? I may be the next Charlene Harris or Lisa Gardner or even Stephen King. (Although that last one, would take a major miracle from the gods because I think he is, well a god himself!) I know a woman who is a pretty successful author. Her 2 book series of paranormal genre are selling well, very well, but she’s still an emergency room doctor and keeps one hell of a schedule between trauma duty, writing, wife and mother and traveling to promote her books. She never quits. She’s like an energizer-Doctor-writing- bunny. So I won’t quit trying either. Say that to yourself everyday. I will keep trying. I’ll tell you something now that may shed light on my way of thinking. I’ve had to “keep trying” all my life. I’m disabled with a major disability. I lost my legs in a car accident when I was 18. For over 40 years it has contributed to shaping my life but I have tried to not let it define me as a person, a mother or an artist even though there are limitations I struggle with everyday. I use those “inconveniences” to my advantage when possible, which isn’t very often but more importantly, I will not let them hold me back. That fact has driven me to try and try and try some more, no matter what happens. I did it in my music career and now i do it in my writing. I feel like I do know a bit about getting knocked off the horse and getting back on. So kudos to you for taking this next step and Get on that horse and ride like the wind! And keep me posted on what happens. I’m rooting for ya.

    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement! I read a portion of my short story to my writing club. They thought it was good. I also received my first assignment back from my writing course, and my instructor had written across the top that I wrote well. Yeah! I will keep you posted.

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