Day 14 – Branding

Branding—Jeff Goins defines it as an “impression you leave on a customer or reader; a mental imprint.”  It’s like when people get a first impression from someone. Sometimes that impression is accurate; sometimes it’s not. That’s why he says that marketing and self-promotion are important to being a writer. Creative people have resistance towards that–I have resistance towards that, but it’s something I’m thinking seriously about right now because writing and all of what it involves is my future. I want people to read my words whether they read my blog or the stories I’ve written or even the book I want to someday publish. According to Jeff, there are three steps to creating a brand:

  1) Pick a Name: Whether it’s my given name or a pseudonym, it’s something that needs to be consistent over all of the parts of my website presence as an author.

  2) Create an Image: A picture or logo–something that I want people to recognize me by. It goes along with number one in that I need to use it in all the places I have a website presence.

 3) Finding your Voice: This is my style as a communicator. I’m still in the process of figuring this out, but I think just being consistent with my writing every day will help tremendously.


If you have any ideas about any of these or would like to share what you are doing, I would welcome reading about it in the comments.

Until next time, be real!!!!!!

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