Blogging from the Ballpark–Lessons our Teenagers are Learning or Not Learning

The last couple of weeks have been crazy busy with both of my sons having baseball games just about every day. Something happened last night though at the ballpark which made me wonder what kind of lessons that we, as adults, are teaching our kids. One of the umpires of the game, an adult that all the boys are supposed to respect, actually picked an argument with one of the kids on my son’s team about midway through the game and then got mad when the boy wouldn’t respond. The boy had made one statement from the dugout that the umpire took exception to and then the umpire tried to goad him for the rest of the game to see if he would make any more statements. I was impressed  the boy was able to contain himself. What I was not impressed with was the umpire who was the supposed adult in this picture didn’t behave appropriately. Not only was he not concentrating on what he was supposed to be doing as far as the game was concerned (Many mistakes were made on the calls.), any example of good sportsmanship he might have imparted to the kids was totally lost with his bad conduct.

And we wonder why teenagers behave badly today. Maybe we, as parents and other adults in their lives, ought to look in the mirror when we complain about our teenagers behaving badly.

Until next time, be real!

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