Blogging from the Ballpark–Code of Conduct

I know I touched on this briefly last week when I spoke of the lessons we, as adults, were imparting or not imparting to our teenagers. I thought though it deserved further treatment with events of the last few days.

Most youth sports leagues have something called a code of conduct which states the reasons that a player, coach, or team can be suspended from the league. Here is a link that will take you to several examples of such behavior.

One example that was prevalent in several copies that I looked at was fighting during the game. At the end of last week, two teams in my son’s league were suspended for the last two games of the season for fighting, but would have been allowed to come back for the tournament. Of course, news of the fight and its penalty filtered through the league quickly. We were all surprised as it was understood that the police had been called and that there had been injuries in said fight. Rumors flew as to why the particular penalty had been given, and the reputation of the people running the league started to take a hit. It was discouraging to think that the lessons we were trying to impart to our son were not being supported by the community at large.

This morning, however, it all changed with the news of another fight between two more teams in the league. The penalty was immediate and more appropriate. All four teams were expelled from the league and not allowed to play any further games this year including the games in the tournament. The tournament schedule is going to be reworked, and I am eager to see what’s going to happen. Before my husband left for work, he told our son this was a good lesson for him. There will always be a penalty for bad behavior. It might not come immediately, but it will eventually come.

Until next time, be real!

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