A Day of Waiting

We all do it. Waiting is built into every moment of our day, every moment of our week, every moment of our month, every moment of our year, and every moment of our life. There are almost too many examples of waiting to list, but I’m going to list a few. We wait for our meal to be ready. We wait in traffic. We wait in line at the grocery store and at the Department of Motor Vehicles. We wait for our next vacation or the next holiday to come. We wait for the next phase of our life to begin. I could keep going, but I think you have the general idea.

However, we aren’t very patient with our waiting. Many inventions over the last hundred and fifty years have been things which have shortened our waiting time. Inventions such as the microwave, the computer, the Internet and email, the automobile, the I-Phone and texting, and the airplane have all been things which have improved life in our society. At the same time though, I believe they have contributed to the growth of our impatience. When, for example, is the last time you have heard of someone who has sent a letter by regular mail? We also get impatient when our next day package being sent by Amazon is not in our hands at the exact time they said it would be.

Over two thousand years ago though, this day was a day of waiting. Jesus had been crucified on Good Friday, and his disciples had fled. Mary, his mother, and his followers were all mourning His death. It seemed there was no reprieve. There was no Internet to send an email from Jesus saying, “Whoops, I was just kidding. I’m still alive.” No, on this day, everyone thought He was gone and wasn’t coming back. It seemed as if all hope was gone. They didn’t understand that Sunday was coming. They didn’t understand what Jesus had tried to tell them. They didn’t know the miracle that was about to happen.

We, on the other hand, know what happened. We know that Sunday came and that Jesus, who had died for all of our sins, came back to life on that day over two thousand years ago. We know Jesus is the Son of God! This knowledge of His death and resurrection and the grace He gives all of us if we would only believe spread all over the world. It didn’t happen instantaneously, but this knowledge couldn’t be contained, couldn’t be suppressed, and the disciples’ efforts all those years ago are the reason you and I know about Jesus today.

Waiting is not a bad thing then. Good things can come from waiting. So, the next time I get impatient over having to wait for something, I will remember that time over 2000 years ago when the world was still and when the greatest miracle of all time was about to happen.

God’s blessings on all of you today, and Happy Easter to all of you tomorrow!

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