A Book Review to Begin the Week–A New American Space Plan

This book is the first non-fiction book I have reviewed, and I’m not sure I can give it justice, but the message of A New American Space Plan by Travis S. Taylor with Stephanie Osborn is so important that I am going to try.

As the title states, the main message of the book is talking about what it’s going to take to get America back into space. The authors discuss the history of the space program from its very beginnings to where we are now and discuss the scientific discoveries the space program has made possible.  Taylor also talks about his experiences on The Rocket City Rednecks television show and how some of the builds they did were similar to what needs to be done to get back into space.  What I especially liked was that they made the science understandable to a layman. If you have any interest in where America’s space program has been and where it could go, I would heartily recommend this book.



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