Catching my Dreams

I’ve spent this year learning more about my craft. I’ve written stories and worked on a book. I’ve taken classes from people who are writing pros through Master Class (Check it out. It’s excellent.) I’ve also written blog posts and entries in my journal. If all of that was added up, I’ve done a lot of writing. And people I’ve talked to say my writing has improved. But, I’ve noticed something, and it’s changed how I’m going to approach my writing for the rest of the year. I got stuck on a book I was writing. Yes, yes, I know all the stats of beginning writers abandoning what they’re working on to move on to something else, but hear me out.  When I couldn’t think of where else to go with the book I was working on, I started considering where I was trying to go with my writing and what I was really trying to accomplish with it. That’s what I want to talk about today. Catching my dreams.

Dreams can be elusive. Over my lifetime, I’ve gained and lost dreams that have been important to me. I’ve raised a family and homeschooled my children. I’ve moved from place to place so my husband could pursue work which supported our family. I’ve pursued hobbies and maintained relationships. Now, I’m at the place where I want to pursue my dream of becoming a published author, and I didn’t have a book inside of me that I could finish and then improve. Where could I go if I didn’t have that? Not very far, I’m pretty sure.

So, I reached back into my past for the book I wanted to write and made myself a promise. I formulated a main character who was just starting out and had dreams of her own. I did research on those dreams and figured out the best world I could put them in. It would be a story about overcoming obstacles to achieve dreams. And, I would have a first draft completed by the end of November. This draft would have at least 50,000 words which is the goal of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). So, you won’t hear from me for the rest of the month as I chase my dream. As I tell the story that only I can tell. I wish you a wonderful November as you chase and hopefully, catch your dreams which makes the working title of my book appropriate, Dream Catchers. Have a great month, and God bless you!