Writing Rituals

I was reading my writing inspiration book earlier about the importance of establishing rituals or things you only do when you write. There was a quote by author Jack Kerouac that I thought was pretty cool.

“I had a ritual once of lighting a candle and writing by its light and blowing it out when I was done for the night….Also kneeling and praying before starting (I got that from a French movie about George Frederick Handel).”

After reading that quote, I was intrigued enough to look up more writing rituals on the Internet. Ernest Hemingway wrote standing up while Truman Capote wrote lying down. C.S. Lewis planned every moment of his day to maximize productivity. Ray Bradbury wrote anywhere he could find a typewriter. There were many more writers who listened to music, exercised, and did other things to facilitate their writing productivity.

That got me to thinking. What do I do to facilitate my writing productivity? I turn the computer on, sit down, and start typing. But, are there other things that I need to do to be more productive? My book compared writing rituals to habits which I had discovered were important to get me in a writing frame of mind. I have also read that it takes three weeks to establish a habit. Over this past year, I have established two main habits–walking a mile every day except in bad weather and taking time to write every day. I guess I need to remember that whatever works for someone else might not necessarily work for me.

Is there any kind of ritual that’s important to you as a writer? Feel free to share in the comments.


Finding Joy in the Mundane

Everything about writing stories I’ve read always talks about conflict and how that will make your writing more interesting and make people want to read it. I agree with that. Reading a good story helps me to escape to another world, and the more interesting it is, the further into the book I read.

I also think it’s important though to be able to find joy in the mundane. To not live in a world of excitement all of the time. When you have joy in the things you do every day, it’s easier to have peace and then to have focus on what you’re trying to accomplish through writing. Next month will be a year since I’ve started this blog, and I keep thinking of what an amazing journey it has been. Looking forward to more growth and development as a writer.

Until next time, be real!

Another Excerpt of Blogging from the Ballpark

Last night was a beautiful night for baseball–unlike many of the nights lately where it has been either cold or raining. I had the privilege of watching the sunset during the game–a multitude of colors across the sky, and I just marveled at God’s creation.

There are so many lessons to be learned from sports. From enjoying being outside to forming relationships to practicing good sportsmanship. Of course, winning is nice too. And that is where society unfortunately puts its emphasis today with the professional athletes that make millions and millions of dollars and then excuses said athletes’ behavior when it is bad. No wonder, you have teenagers emulating such behavior.

This is what I saw last night at the ballpark though. I saw a group of boys who were excited to have their teammate back after he had been hurt a few weeks previously. I also saw boys who were trying their hardest and cooperating with each other. Just what a team is supposed to do. Maybe if some of these professional athletes would come and watch the boys I watched, they would understand better how important it is to be a good role model. One can only hope.

Until next time, be real!

My Own Personal Story

I know it is said all of us who are writers have a story to share, and that is why we write. I have also read that many authors use characters and situations that are similar to real life in their fiction stories. But, I have often wondered how many fiction writers actually share their own personal stories.  I hadn’t thought of my own story as being particularly interesting to share because, let’s face it, my life is boring. 🙂  In recent weeks though, I have been told, by someone I respect, that everyone has an interesting story and should share it in some form or fashion. He told me I should journal some things I was going through and see if it would help with the situation and help me know what he was talking about. I’ve been doing what he suggested, and low and behold, writing my way through the situation has helped tremendously. Still don’t know if I would ever write a memoir and try for publication, but I have figured out writing my own story can help me in ways I never imagined.

Until next time, be real!